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 Making a Permanent Resistance Potion

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Making a Permanent Resistance Potion Empty
PostSubject: Making a Permanent Resistance Potion   Making a Permanent Resistance Potion I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 04, 2011 12:44 am


In this tutorial we are going to make resistances be saved to the character and add a potion that grants permanent resistance.

Files needed:

First open up ItemStatCost.txt and make the following changes to
fireresist / coldresist / lightresist / poisonresist / maxfireresist / maxcoldresist / maxlightresist / maxpoisonresist
Quote :

Saved: 1
CSvSigned: 0
CSvBits: 9
fMin: 1
MinAccr: 1
Direct: 1

This is allowing the addition and save value of the stat (this will not work for all, and different values must be changed for others)
*note* you can also do this to magicresist/maxmagicresist but it will not be shown on the stats screen.

Now scroll down to one of the unused lines (183,184,185 etc)
you can use any one of these.
make the following changes:
Quote :

Stat: resistcount
SendBits: 32
Saved: 1
CSvSigned: 0
CSvBits: 32
Direct: 1

This is going to be what makes it so we can only use one.

Next open up Misc.txt
copy the Rejuvenation Potion line and paste at the bottom four(4) times.
now make the following changes: (since we are making four(4) of these i will show each row as 1/2/3/4
Quote :

Code: frp / crp / lrp / prp (or any unused code that you want)
NameStr: frp / crp / lrp / prp (must match code)
pSpell: 4 / 4 / 4 / 4
Stat1: fireresist / coldresist / lightresist / poisonresist
Calc1: (stat('resistcount'.accr)<5)?25:0 *every row*
Stat2: resistcount *every row*
Calc2: (stat('resistcount'.base)<5)?1:0 *every row*
spelldesc: 1
spelldescstr: frpdesc / crpdesc / lrpdesc / prpdesc

Right now this is setup all under the same stat. You can use five(5) of any of these. This can be multiple upon multiple of combinations.
For Example:
2 fire,1 cold,1 light,1 poison
1 fire,2 cold,1 light,1 poison
5 fire
5 cold
5 light
4 poison, 1 cold
it is whatever the user chooses.

Now open String.tbl
we are going to add eight(Cool new strings
Quote :

frp: Fire Resist Potion
crp: Cold Resist Potion
lrp: Lightning Resist Potion
prp: Poison Resist Potion
frpdesc: Right click to permanently add 25 Fire Resist
crpdesc: Right click to permanently add 25 Cold Resist
lrpdesc: Right click to permanently add 25 Lightning Resist
prpdesc: Right click to permanently add 25 Poison Resist

You have now successfully added your potion, to test its effects, spawn it with a cube recipe, or sell if from a vendor

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Making a Permanent Resistance Potion
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