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 Making Multiple Temporary Resist Potions

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Making Multiple Temporary Resist Potions Empty
PostSubject: Making Multiple Temporary Resist Potions   Making Multiple Temporary Resist Potions I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 04, 2011 12:33 am

This guide will show you how to create 12 different resist potions.
for all resists.
This will also show you how to prevent stacking of the same type.

Step 1: open misc.txt and copy the stamina potion line, and make the following changes.
Quote :

Type: elix
State: Potion_res_xxxx_yy
(An X represents the resistance code, I use fire,cold,ltng,pois)
(A Y represents the value, 25,50,75)
Len: 750 (this will make the potions last 30 secs)
Stat1: your chosen resistance (used from ISC.txt, fireresist,coldresist,lightresist,poisonresist)
Calc1: 25,50, or 75
Stat2: your chosen max resistance (also used from ISC.txt, maxfireresist ....)
Spelldesc: 1
Spelldescstr: xxxdesc (you do not "have" to add a description, but how will the players know what they do? xxx stands for the item code)
save the file

Step 2: open states.txt and do the following
Quote :

State: this is where you put Potion_res_xxxx_yy for each of your potions
4, for all your fire potions
5, for all your cold potions
6, for all lightning
7, for all poison
rfblue: this columns specifies that when the state is active, the stat will appear blue in the stat screen, put a 1 here for all fire potions.
rlblue: put a 1 here for all lightning potions
rcblue: put a 1 here for all cold potions
rpblue: put a 1 here for all poison potions
Stat: put the corresponding stat for that potion (used from ISC.txt, fireresist..... etc)
save the file

create your own strings and descriptions.
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Making Multiple Temporary Resist Potions
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