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 Creating your own Borderframe

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PostSubject: Creating your own Borderframe   Fri Nov 04, 2011 12:36 am

For this tutorial we are going to learn how to create your own 800borderframe.DC6
This tool requires some moderate knowledge about image editing, and the
image editing program of your choice.

For a better setup please download this tutorial

1) Create a new image 800x556 pixels

It's interesting to note that the top 3 pixel lines will
NOT be shown in the game. Keep this in mind and start
your design at pixel 0,3 if you decide that the top 3
pixel rows are an important part of your design.

2) Develop or paste in your design, keeping in mind that a
large section of the middle will be cut out. This cut out
section is where the game shows your inventory, stash,
and char stats when playing the game, it must be black.
I suggest doing or finding some easy image/design for
your first run through this tutorial, just make it a practice
run in case you experience any problems or setbacks
along the way.

You must also note that in-game will show the images much
brighter, you must find what settings best fit.

Depending on what program you are using to edit your
image you may or may not be limited to layers. Here
we will cut pieces of the image so they will display
"around" the inventory/stats screens.

NOTE: This might be a good time to save your work. I'd hate
to see you have to start over because you didn't save a copy.

Our next step is to find the "black area" or the middle portion
of the image that will not be seen.
this color must be pure black for it to be transparent

now its time to cut the pieces, to make the DC6 image
work correctly

in the file you downloaded there is a file called Cut Pieces.bmp
this has a bunch of squares with colors.

these colors are really important and tell you how your image will
be divided.

this is in terms of "frames" using DC6 Creator
00 green
01 tan
02 lite yellow
03 darker blue
04 magenta
05 mint green
06 red
07 lite Blue
08 violet
09 brown

Here is a matrix diagram of how the game assembles the pieces:

00, 01, 05, 06
02, XX, XX, 07
03, 04, 09, 08

where XX does not represent a piece, simply an empty spot.

Cut your image into these pieces.

Once you are done cutting your image it is time to insert
the frames into a DC6 file.

Start dc6maker and using the menu item: Palette, set it to
"units". Now press the "Insert Frame" button and load
"Image00.bmp". keep inserting frames and images.
After you have inserted Image09.bmp you are ready to save your
new frame as a .dc6 file that you can use in the game. To save
your new frame, menu item: File \ Save As...
If you are set up to test it in "-direct" shortcut mode, save
the file to your Diablo II\data\global\ui\panel\ folder with
the name: "800BorderFrame.dc6".
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Creating your own Borderframe
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