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 The Level Potion

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PostSubject: The Level Potion   Fri Nov 04, 2011 12:38 am


tools/files needed:
AFJ's sheet editor
AFJ's table editor

ok, first open misc.txt and scroll down to rejuv potion line.
now copy the rejuv potion line and paste it at the bottom.
1. rename it to level pot and change the basics that you want (code,item type, invfile, spelldesc, etc...)
2. if you didn't understand the first step, please go back to basic changes and come back to this guide when you're a little bit more advanced.
3. make these changes to your line:

pspell: 3
stat1: experience
calc1: (stat('level'.base)<100)?((stat('level'.base)>=1)?((stat('nextexp'.accr))-(stat('experience'.base))):0):0

(stat('level'.base)<99)? means that you have to be under lvl 99. without this, when you will right-click your new potion and you're lvl 99, you will drop back to lvl 1.

(stat('level'.base)>=1)? means that you have to be at least lvl 1 to use it.

so, with this calc you have to be at least lvl 1 to use it and under lvl 100.

Warning: when you will right-click on it, you won't level-up automatically, you have to kill a monster after you use it

now, if you want the potion to works only on lvl 50 or more:
you just have to change a little bit of the calc:
calc1: (stat('level'.base)<99)?((stat('level'.base)>=50)?((stat('nextexp'.accr))-(stat('experience'.base))):0):0

Warning: The potion will not display level requirements with the calc1 formula. If you want it to be displayed change the levelreq column to your liking.

Thanks to:
Nefarius - correction of some stats.
Mooper - Improving calc formula.
Whist - Writing the Tutorial for us.
Inferno-Hero - Creating this awesomeness
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The Level Potion
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