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 The Fire Claws Contagion

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PostSubject: The Fire Claws Contagion   Fri Nov 04, 2011 12:41 am


This is a nice damage over time skill to make along side rabies for a druid. If you balance the damages propperly you can make a neat dual damage over time druid.

This tutorial assumes you know the basics of skill editing

Files you will need:
overlay.txt (optional)

Open up skills.txt and copy the rabies row and paste to a new line at the bottom of the file.
Rename it FlameBite (or whatever you want)
Change the Id to the next number in the sequence
change skilldesc to flamebite
change srvmissilea to flamebite
change auratargetstate to flamebite
scroll all the way along to the calc1 column and put 300 here (i'll explain this later)
Change Etype to fire
Elen change to 100
Elen1 2 and 3 change to 5 (must do it like this to get an acurate damage description, i explain below)

Save and close skills.txt

Open Missiles.txt and copy the rabiesplague line to the bottom of the file
rename it to flamebite
change submissile1 column to flamebitecontagion
Copy the rabiescontagion line to the bottom of the file
change the name to flamebitecontagion
change the skill column to FlameBite(or whatever you called your skillin skills.txt)

Save and close missiles.txt

Open States.txt and copy the rabies line to the bottom of the file
change the name to flamebite
change the id to the next number in the sequence.
delete all entries and change the overlay column to flamebite (or you can use another overlay if you like)
make sure there is an 0 in the EOL column and save and close the file.

open overlays.txt (optional depending on what overlay you added in states.txt. if you added an already existing overlay you can skip this step)

copy the rabiesplague line to the bottom of the file and rename it flamebite
add the name of the animation you want to use in the filename column.

I used the apocalypseexplode missile from this missile pack (Thanks to joel for this pack.
If you decide to use the same file for your overlay, you need to change a couple of columns in overlay.txt

in your flamebite row:
xoffset column: change to -80
yoffset column: change to 16
you can adjust the anim rate to speed up or slow down the explosion effect to whatever you like.

Save and close overlay.txt

Open SkillDesc.txt and copy the rabies line to the bottom of the file and rename it flamebite
change the skill page, skill row, skill column and iconcell to suit your skill trees.
change strname, str short, str long and str alt columns as you normally would when naming a skill etc.

Now, the descdam functions don't support a poison like mechanic for other elements, so you need to emulate this yourself. We will use firewalls descdam function (shows damage done per second and is the right color for the char screen too Smile. So descdam column change to 8.

ddam calc1 column: put 4+(lvl/5) here.
That this does is multiply the damage listed in the char screen by 4 (the descdam func counts in damage per second only so we need to increase the displayed damage to suit) and an extra .2 per level (to account for the increase in duration of .2 seconds per level).
Now the full skill damage will list in the char screen like rabies does. (sometimes the damage on the char screen may be out a little, every 5 levels it will update to the correct value though (me and my bad math skills)

Save and close the file.

All done, and you should have something that looks like this
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The Fire Claws Contagion
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